Rental Agreement


This Short Term Rental Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between The Management team of the Aruba Premium Villas (“Homeowner”) and Renter  (“Guest”) as of the date set on the reservation confirmation or invoice.  For good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Occupancy
Occupancy is limited to the number of people as per your reservation request or invoice. Violation of this policy will result in immediate eviction without compensation.

2. Term of the Lease.
The lease begins at 12 PM on the Check-in Date and ends at 2 PM on the Check-out Date.

3. Damage Deposit.
The Traveler will make a Damage Deposit of US$ 500, which will be refunded providing no damage is done to the rental property or its contents. Damage liability is not limited to this amount and any excess may be billed to the Guest and is immediately due upon receipt of the bill.

Damage may include:
i.     Damage to the property or furnishings;
ii.    Dirt or other mess requiring excessive cleaning including smoking in the villa, spills and stains on linen, floors, furniture, etc.; or
iii.   Any other damage caused by Guest or their party

  1. Included in the rental rate.
    Cleaning at arrival and at departure, bed linens, bath towels, and beach towels.

    Along with the government having expensive monopolies of water and electricity we respect the environment and ask that you please shut off the air conditioning and appliance when you are not present in the room.

  2. Not included  in rental rate.
    Excessive final cleaning

  3. Payment.
    Reservations made require 100% of the rental and fees at the time of booking.

  4. Refunds.
    In the event that the Guest cancels the reservation for any reason, a US$ 350 cancellation fee will be charged. If the cancellation occurs at least (60) days prior to the Check-In Date and the Owner is unable to re-rent the Rental Property by the Guest’s Check-In Date, the Renter will be liable for fifty (50%) percent of the rental fee. If the cancellation occurs less than thirty (30) days of the Check-In Date, all monies paid by Guest will be forfeited if the Rental Property is not re-rented by the Check-In Date. Owner will make all reasonable efforts to re-rent the Rental Property by the Check-In Date.

    The Homeowner recommends that you purchase trip insurance in the event of interruption or trip cancellation beyond your control.

  5. Legal Agreement
    This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Aruba; any and all disputes shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of Aruba, disregarding conflicts of law, forum and venue.

  6. Liability.
    Guest is solely responsible and liable for all actions taken by any member of their group while on the property, including any injuries, loss or damage of personal property, or other cause for a liability claim.

    The Guest will remove all personal property belonging to the Guest or other occupants at the end of the Rental Period. Any property that is left becomes the property of the Owner and may be thrown out. Any expenses incurred for removal of Renter’s property will be deducted from the security deposit.

    Home owner is not responsible for damages resulting from lightning, rain, flood or other natural disasters. No refunds are provided to the Guest if such events occur.

    If Guest does access any internet content during their stay, they do so at their own risk and are responsible for ensuring that any accessed material does not violate laws regarding copyright, trademarks, pornography or any material deemed slanderous, defamatory or offensive.

  7. Access.
    Guest shall allow Homeowner access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection.  The Homeowner shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner.

  8. Rental Rules.
    Guest agrees to abide by the Rental Rules (see below) at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else Guest permits on the property to abide by the following rules at all times while at the property.

  9. Maintenance.
    In case of a maintenance issue, we will strive to repair the problem as soon as possible after being notified.  The sewer system is very effective; however, it will clog up if improper material is flushed. Do Not flush anything other than toilet paper.  No feminine products should be flushed at anytime.  If is found that feminine products have been flushed and clogs the sewer system, you may be charged damages of up to $200.

    No refund or rate adjustment shall be made for unforeseen mechanical failures such as the supply of electricity, water, gas, telephone service, pool filtration systems, air conditioning, appliances, television/cable service, etc

The parties agree to the terms of this Short Term Rental Agreement, as evidenced by the booking made through our website or by paying the invoice sent to you.


  1. The property is privately owned; the Homeowner is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The Homeowner is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the Guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed the Guest is expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.

  2. Smoking in the house is NOT allowed.  Smoking in the house may result in forfeiture of some or all of the security deposit or incur an additional fee. For the convenience of all our guests, our smoking policy is clear: “Out of respect for all guests, current and future, smoking is only permitted outside”.  Please take care for the risk of fire, as it can be dry and windy on Aruba.  Use the ashtrays provided and deposit your remnants in the trash bin, not in the yard.

  3. People other than those in the Guest party set forth above may not stay overnight in the property.  Any person in/on the property is the sole responsibility of Guest.

  4. Keep the property and all furnishings in good order.  Clean any spills and excessive cooking / grilling residues.  Report any damage to the Owner immediately.

  5. Only use furniture and appliances for their intended uses.  The Owner is not responsible for any damage to personal articles.

  6. Final cleaning is inclusive in the rental cost, but the Guest is responsible for leaving the accommodation clean and in a good state. An extra cleaning fee of USD $100.00 may apply if according to the Homeowner the property is beyond usual clean-up state and not returned in an acceptable manner.

  7. We ask that you adapt your way of living to local customs and conduct yourself in a demeanor fit for this property.  Peace and tranquility are valued at the premium villas.

8. No refunds will be given for storms or bad weather.

9. Additional rules and guidelines may be posted inside the villa.

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